Modern art, that speaks to your senses

What is the better way to capture a moment than taking a photo? Every time you hit a „click button” on your camera, you simply do it to save precious moments forever. You wish they will never fade away… so you hide them. In a folder. Does it sound familiar? Do you too have tons of treasured photos, which are lost in an album, or on a computer, or a cell phone?

If you feel that your memories should not be forgotten like this, I have a great solution for you!

Have your favorite photo converted and cut into art! Have your image made into something special.

Zurich-Art ambition is to create unique center pieces that you will absolutely love. Our goal is to make a great talking point for your home, work place, wherever! 

“Photocarver” images can be discovered not only by a sight, but also by a touch! They are not simply a print out, but they are, literally, milled into board. What may look like a black and white picture from a distance, turns out to be a high relief up close. Custom made visuals can be created according to your individual style. You can choose from different carving techniques, for instance a line grid or a grid point. The procedure is very simple: upload pictures from your camera or from a different source and find out, how your photocarver image will look like.

What you can find on this website are photos, cut in to the surface of High-Pressure Laminate based boards. We introduce you to a new technology, which aim is to reproduce old photos, made of dots, straight, or wavy lines into a stunning effect. Any picture can be cut into a high or low, more abstract resolution. It is up to you: people, pets, cars and so on. Anything can be cut using this modern technology.

The magic of these pictures is often seen the best (if you are looking at this website from a mobile phone) holding at arms´ length! Try it! If you look at the picture from a close distance, you can admire every routed hole or line, however, if you look at it from a distance, the whole picture suddenly ‘pops’ out.

Would you like to try this magic and turn your photo into a photocaver image? Email your photo and you will receive a computer rendition of the proposed artwork. If you like it, we will be happy to provide you with your own piece of art!