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About the brand

It’s five o´clock in the morning and my alarm clock is ringing. Is it Monday yet? Or any otherday of the week, it doesn´t actually matter… I wake up, but I am still more asleep than awake. There is a day full of stress ahead of me:  A boss, unhappy with my performance regardless my effort, a work team, that does not work as a team well and that crushing feeling that I am stuck being long term underpaid. Most of us feel the same way: This feeling comes early in the morning and never leaves. Have you ever thought of managing the company that you work for, with much better results than it currently has? Have you ever dreamt about being a leader? Or have you evertried to imagine how it would feel if the company was actually yours?… Unfortunately, many of us will keep living in these fantasies without ever experiencing the real change… and the 5 am clock will become a sad reminder of their unfulfilled dreams.

Buddha small

About Srecko

I have always found neodymium magnets and the physical laws of gravity very fascinating. When I started to work on my project in 2017, I was full of hopes, that my idea would turn into a „perpetual motion machine“. Even though all the laws of physics suggested otherwise, I aimed to turn this idea of mine into a real thing. I told myself, that if I don´t succeed, at least I create a levitating sphere or some other object that defies gravity. So, I ordered a bunch of magnets from the Internet, joined the FabLab in Zurich and spent my three weeks’ vacation learning CAD design.

In order to truly master this new field of expertise, I had to put all my experience to good use. I was thankful, thinking back at my 20 hours a day job at AutoCad, as this experience had finally paid off. However, when I became more familiar with a CNC machine, I found out, that there is a whole “magic” behind different lasers for cutting and materials for processing. I realized I needed much more time and experience to start my project. In this phase, I had to admit, my project have simply failed. In 2018, I finally decided to ordered myself a CNC machine, but after moving to another city, the CNC machine ended up in the basement, where it waited for its time to come.

About Roland

After graduating from electrical engineering school in 2004, I gained a lot of experience as a technician, supporting the production of electronics for Nokia mobile phones. From understanding linear motors, construction, programming and process optimization, to installing new technologies and testing them. 15 years ago, many of us thought of Nokia mobile phones as probably the latest technological breakthrough. I enjoyed the idea of being a part of a team, making the number one phone in the world. Then, the Smartphone era happened and Nokia lost its position on a market and had to close its factories. This meant a huge life change for me. It was 2014 and I ended up in Switzerland, working for a small business producing and selling various models of wooden and epoxy furniture. Quite an impressing change, right? I remember myself being blown away by a combination of wood-glass-epoxy: quality solid wood on the sides and glass in the middle of the table in the shape of a river – simply a River Table. I came up with the idea of opening a small e-shop www.woodriver.ch (which is still working). I invested a lot of effort and time into the whole project. I can say that I even had a nice profit for a while, but I just couldn’t keep up the work pace. Working eight or more hours for someone else and the rest of the day for myself was simply too much to handle. Under such stressful circumstances, I started to wonder how it would feel to be my own boss. In 2018, I started to work in a factory for electronic components and devices production. But this time it wasn´t Nokia, it was Siemens. I was being me again. I have returned to a working environment that I had already known well, but unfortunately, I ended up working on other people’s ideas… Again. I am sure that you are familiar with a saying: “Everything happens for a reason.” Well, this happened too. In 2020 I met a person, with whom I could share ideas, visions and the desire to succeed. This person has become my “partner in crime”- my one and only business partner Srecko.

We met in October 2020. After a few sentences on the topic of electronics manufacturing, in which we have been both active for a long time, we switched to a conversation about what truly interests us. Inspired by wood, magnetism, epoxy, construction, mechanics, we both realized how much we were blown away by things, which were not meant to be a subject of this meeting. As time went by, we got more and more interested in this topic and thought about a small workshop, where we could come up with some ideas. In May 2021, we decided to rent a room (workshop) and our ideas started to become reality.

Since then, a lot of things have changed. We have discovered different materials, technologies, learned and invented new techniques in design and processing, and the best of all- there are many ideas on the waiting list that are yet to come. These are the ideas that need time, creativity, energy and a strong will.

Currently, we focus mainly on our paintings. They are impressive and people enjoy them. The technique of their processing is demanding, because of the material from which they are made. They are very resistant to impacts, to all external weather influences and they are easy to clean. Paintings which we produce, have a great potential not only in exterior design, but also in interior design such – in places such as your apartment, office or anywhere else, where you wish to have an original piece of art.